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TROPEC is dedicated to an interdisciplinary exchange of topics in ecology and culture in the broadest sense. The Tropics with their species rich ecosystems and regulatory influence on the world’s climate, as well as the many distinct cultures that have developed in different climate zones of the Earth, serve as food for thought: Culture as an expression of the access to natural resources.

For Example, Europe’s previous long dominance in the World was linked to its industrialization during the 19th century, which in turn was closely tied to the access and exploitation of natural resources in other parts of the World. In this context, the annihilation of entire peoples (i.e. dramatically documented for North and South America) must be recognized as a cost for the rise and growth of geopolitical superpowers, and their cultural wealth including hoarded treasures of cultures that have long disappeared. 

TROPEC attempts to bring attention to the intersections between modern ecological realities (urbanization of society, growing energy demands, industrial agriculture and fisheries) and contemporary art/culture, via exhibits and presentations.


TROPEC - International Forum for Tropical Ecology and Culture is an Austrian not-for-profit organization, ZVR Nr. 914329584 with its headquarters in Trostgasse 16, 2500 Baden, Austria

Trostgasse 16, 2500 Baden, Austria



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