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TROPEC is dedicated to the development of interdisciplinary projects in education and research on tropical ecosystems, as well as the conservation of their natural resources and cultural diversity.  It unites persons that are passionate about nature and culture, and  professionals with international  experience, willing to offer their assistance through the organization.


We are currently pursuing our goals through the creation of academic programs with partners in Nicaragua, and with public lecture series and exhibits at our headquarters in Austria.


The Tropics harbor diverse ecosystems; many are known for their high biodiversity, countless  still-to-be-discovered plants, animals, and medicinal compounds, and a dwindling indigenous knowledge. Even the global climate is influenced by some tropical biomes.

Under global trade of natural resources, actions far away from these environments can lead to their demise. The over exploitation of resources and the loss of cultural diversity is driven by ignorance and a lack of alternatives or scruples. TROPEC addresses measures to counteract the latter.

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